Wedding Butterflies How does this work?

1.          How many butterflies should I order?

The general recommendation is to have at least one butterfly for every 2-3 guests, but in the end, the decision is normally budget driven. The typical order, with our great discount price, is 3 - 4 dozen.

2.          When do I need to place my order?

You can place your order anytime you want, but in a general sense, the earlier the better. We try to produce enough so that we don't run out of inventory for any given week, but because we offer the Best Product for the Best Price, we have lots of demand for our butterflies. You can order up to a year in advance, or as little notice as two days before the event. The best plan, however is to place your order at least 6 weeks before the event.

3.          How do I plan the Shipping / Arrival date?

The shipping date is generally scheduled to be two days before the event. The butterflies are shipped Fedex Overnight, allowing for the box to arrive at your destination the day before the event. (If you are planning on a Sunday event, please note that you, the customer, will need to verify that Fedex makes Saturday deliveries at your destination.)

4.          How are the butterflies packaged?

We basically have three types of packaging. For the individual release boxes, we place one butterfly in each box. For the mass release option, we can't ship the butterflies loose inside the mass release box, so we place the butterflies in shipping envelopes. These envelopes are then placed inside the mass release box for shipment. For the accordian box, the butterflies are placed inside the folds of the ribbon inside the box. These different options are then placed in an insulated cardboard box, with a frozen cool pack for shipment. This allows the butterflies to be shipped safely overnight without the danger of getting too warm.

5.          How are they shipped?

Each shipment of butterflies is shipped Fedex, Priority Overnight. The boxes generally will arrive in the morning at most addresses, but in rural areas, they could arrive anytime up to 5 pm. After each shipment, we email the customer the Fedex tracking information so that they can know when to expect delivery.

6.          How do I take care of the butterflies after they arrive?

Make sure someone is available to receive the box when it arrives. Once the box arrives, all you have to do is place the box in a cool place indoors, out of direct sunlight. Because the shipping container serves as "cooler" (insulated with a frozen cool pack), the butterflies will keep just fine in their "cooled, inanimate" state until the follwing day

7.          How does the "release" part work?

For the "Individual Release Box" option:
On the day of the event, you will simply take the individual release boxes out of the shipping container and place them in a basket. You are now prepared to pass these out to your guests at the appropriate time. Just make sure that you keep the basket out of direct sunlight until you are ready to pass out the release boxes. On cool days, let the guests hold the release boxes in their hands for several minutes before attempting to release, so the butterflies will have a chance to warm up.

For the "Mass Release Box" option:
On the day of the event, you will take the mass release box out of the shipping container, and open it up. You will find a smaller box that has the butterflies in glassine envelopes. While in a small room (like a bathroom), simply take the butterflies out of the glassine envelopes (one at a time), and place them into your mass release box. (Just pick them up, while their wings are folded, between your thumb and forefinger). Once you have them transferred to the mass release box, keep the box in a cool or shaded area, until 20-30 minutes before you are ready to open the box for the release. Let the mass release box sit in the sunlight for about 20-30 minutes before releasing, so that the butterflies will be warm enough to fly.

For the "Accordian Box" option:
The accordion box comes already "loaded" with your butterflies - no transferring is necessary. All you have to do is keep your Accordion box in a cool or shaded place until you are ready for the release. To release, just take the top off, and pull the ribbon "upward." As you pull upward, the butterflies will come flying out.

8.          Do you guarantee live Butterflies?

Absolutely! We guarantee that you will receive live, healthy, vibrant butterflies, or your money back. When you place your order with Butterfly Sales Outlet, you can be assured you are getting the highest quality money can buy - not to mention the lowest price as well. Please see Our Guarantee Policy, for more information regarding our guarantee.

9.          What if I need to cancel or change my order?

Such occurrences are rare, but we understand that the need does arise on occasion. We do allow for cancellations or changes, but we suggest you read Our Cancellation Policy, in order to be totally informed.

10.          Will we be able to get pictures?

Generally, the Monarchs will linger around the area, landing on people and flowers. You can also put one or two in the refrigerator, for about 5-10 minutes, and then take them out and place them on flowers for a quick picture.

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