Our Memorial and Funeral butterflies represent the essence of tranquility, charm and grace!
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Monarch Butterflies
Monarch Butterflies
Release Planner For Memorials

The Release Planner is your “How-to Guide for planning your Butterfly Release. It explains how each type of release option works, and provides ideas of how each option can best be used to fit your event.

It is a wonderful guide in helping you plan your butterfly release, while considering the venue, the month, time of day, or temperature variations you can expect.

The Release Planner is filled with helpful tips, pictures, and charts for helping you plan your butterfly release. If you want to do all you can in order to assure a wellplanned release – whether at a cemetery, or at a Mortuary, or in friend’s backyard, our Release Planner will serve as a very useful tool.

Please note: If you want your Release Planner to be shipped earlier, or to a separate location from your butterfly order, you should place separate orders.

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