Memorial Butterflies

Butterfly Release for Funerals

Memorial butterfly releases are a wonderful and unique way to create an unforgettable memory for your loved ones. When moments are sensitive, and a gentle touch is needed, the Monarch Butterfly is able to display the perfect sentiment.

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Memorial Butterflies

As the butterfly typifies rebirth and new life, the butterfly release has become increasingly popular at graveside services. The Monarch butterfly release has an exceptional way of capturing a special place in the hearts and memories of all those who attend, as the butterfly flies from people to people and flower to flower. While displaying its elegance in flight, the Monarch butterfly promises to edify those present with a reflection of serenity and peace

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In our Product Info & Pricing Section, we offer everything you will need for your Butterfly Release.  Our Product Categories offer a wide variety of Butterfly Release options for choosing your butterflies and release boxes.  For planning and receiving your order, we offer information for every aspect of the process.  We offer Tutorials, Pictures, Testimonials, and more.  We have everything you need to make your Butterfly Release special.

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Butterflies for Memorials & Funerals Blog

The Monarch butterfly is the most popular butterfly for release at Memorials and Funerals, for several reasons. For one, the Monarch is very people friendly. It is very common for them to linger around the area after the release, landing on people and flowers. We have some very touching testimonials about how they contributed to the sweetness of the ceremony. Secondly, the Monarchs are known for their size and beauty. Their wing span is about 4 times that of the Painted Lady, and the Monarch’s colors of orange and black can be quite stunning.

Hundreds of Memorials and Funerals have benefited from releasing our Butterflies for Memorials and Funerals. As you might know, the butterfly represents “New Life.” So, when the butterflies are released, it is very common to mention the symbology that the butterfly brings, of “Leaving this life, for a far better place, in a New, Glorified body.”

There are several ways the release can be arranged. The most common is the release from individual release boxes, allowing several of the family members to participate. Another common method for release is from a “Mass Release Box.” This is usually done by one or two people, releasing all of the Butterflies from one box

The process of ordering and receiving your Memorial & Funeral Butterflies has been simplified for your convenience. All you have to do is decide how many dozen you want and what kind of release box you want. If you are not sure, you can click on the “How does this work?” button, in the Memorial – Funeral Butterfly Product Info and Pricing Section.

During the checkout phase, you will be asked to enter the date of your event, so that your shipping date can be determined. You can arrange for the butterflies to be shipped to your home, or directly to the Funeral Home.

You will receive your order the day before the event. All you have to do is put the shipping box in a cool room until the next day. On the day of the event, simply open the shipping box, and follow the directions.

Nothing is as beautiful as the butterfly release, and nothing can make lasting memories like the beautiful Monarch Butterfly. For further information, feel free to read some testimonials by clicking on the “Testimonials” button, in the Memorial – Funeral Butterflies Product Info & Pricing Section.

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