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Butterfly Release for Weddings

The Butterfly Release for Weddings is a wonderful and unique way to create an unforgettable memory of your wedding, by turning it into a beautiful Butterfly Wedding event. The brilliant Monarch Butterfly promises to provide an enchanting experience that you and your guests will remember always!

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Wedding Butterflies

Never again will you witness anything as beautiful as the Wedding Butterfly Release. Let your guests be part of the memory- making fun, as they release the wedding butterflies from our special release boxes and watch with excitement, as these beautiful Monarchs flutter around the people, and from flower to flower. Capture great pictures, and make lasting memories - from the best way ever to celebrate your Special Day!
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If you've considered releasing butterflies at your wedding, you're not alone. Butterfly releases are becoming a very popular and memorable feature at modern weddings. Unlike rice, confetti and birdseed, a wedding butterfly release is environmentally safe and friendly. The live butterflies provided for a butterfly release, are native to all parts of the country, and are welcomed by most event venues and churches.

Hundreds of weddings have enjoyed the magic of releasing our Butterflies for Weddings. As you might know, the butterfly represents “New Life,” and “New Beginnings.” So, when the butterflies are released, it is very common to mention the symbology that the butterfly brings.

There are many ways the release can be arranged. Whether the butterflies are released by only the Bride and Groom, or if the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen are added, or if the guests are involved as well, spectacular results can be anticipated. If you would like to see pictures and videos of wedding butterfly releases, click on the Release Pictures and Videos button, in the Wedding Butterfly Product Info and Pricing Section.

The process of ordering and receiving your wedding butterflies couldn't be simpler! All you have to do is decide how many dozen you want and what kind of release box you want. If you are not sure, you can click on the “How does this work?” button, in the Wedding Butterfly Product Info and Pricing Section. During the checkout phase, you will be asked to enter the date of your event, so that your shipping date can be determined.

You will receive your order the day before the event. All you have to do is put the shipping box in a cool room until the next day. On the day of the event, simply open the shipping box, and follow the directions. It couldn't be easier!

Nothing is as beautiful as the butterfly release, and nothing can make lasting memories like the beautiful Monarch Butterfly. You couldn't make a better decision!

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